About Us

At The Wunders Company, we recognize the need for a wide range of products across categories and ages, specifically developed to promote a child’s good sleep. We created Wunders with the ambition to become the global sleep leaderoffering innovative products which enhance the bedtime ritual and comfort sleepers during the night. Because the most important part in your baby’s development is healthy and safe sleep. And when your baby sleeps, so can you! 
A personal message from founder, Hans Pompen 
I remember the countless times I went up to my daughter’s crib, placing my finger under her nose, to check that she was breathing. I was not alone in this. Concern about a newborn’s breathing is one of the most common fears among new parents. When close family friends lost their child to sudden infant death (SIDS), I made it part of my life’s journey to develop products that promote a safe and good night’s sleep. 

While my actual design career didn’t start until I left an early career as brand manager at an international FMCG company, I’ve always found inspiration in design, stemming from a continuous sense of curiosity of  how I could make things better – whether it was reimagining experiences or products. In 2005, I left my native Holland to launch a product design and development company, Unlimited Innovation. There I applied my creativity to design, build and manufacture products ranging from wireless charging technology to consumer appliances and electronics.  It wasn’t until my first daughter was born, that I shifted focus to designing products that promote a good and safe sleep environment.  
I am proud of the contributions I have made in both design and development for the following notable products: 

SNOO Smart Sleep – Dr. Harvey Karp Happiest Baby Inc.  

Dr. Harvey Karp, best known for his techniques for calming infants and promoting sleepis the author of a series of parenting books and DVDs, The Happiest Baby on the Block, The Happiest Toddler on the Block and The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep, which have been published in over 20 languages. Dr. Karp came to me in early 2014 to consult on production design, engineering and manufacturing for the SNOO Smart Sleeper (SNOO) concept based on a 3D visualization created by  Yves Behar’s FuseProject in San Francisco. Creating production files ready to be used for manufacturing not only required discipline in design excellence, but also the need to stay attuned with the needs of the SNOO’s core audience, parents to be. 
SNOO became recognized as the safest and most effective baby bed ever made. It has received 20 major awards for the best in design, tech, and parenting such as Innovation of the Year from the National Sleep Foundation, JPMA Innovation Award, CES Baby Innovation Award and is the bed to meet all American Academy of Pediatrics safe sleep recommendations. Snoo boosts a baby's sleep and is a unique design that helps calm newborns with special white noise, soothing rocking motions and unique five-second swaddle that keeps babies safely on their backs. 


Respiro Crib Mattress -BabyTrend, Inc.   

After consulting on the SNOO, I endeavored to address what I saw as a major gap in the market – a crib mattress focused on a child’s well-being, one that: 

  • Prevents a baby from suffocating when rolling over. 
  • Is 100% breathable and promotes air circulation 
  • Does not expose a baby to carcinogenic flame-retardants. 
  • Is free from the risk of dust mites and bed bugs. 

Together with baby industry veteran Stellario D’Urso of Kastel International Ltd, I designed the Respiro™ Crib Mattress which succeeds in addressing the fundamental flaws of conventional crib mattresses. Respiro™ has been exclusively licensed to BabyTrend, Inc 
“Throughout the three decades we have been in business, our goal has always been to provide parents with safe, affordable baby gear for their children, and we are thrilled to launch the Respiro Crib Mattress as the initial product from our Simplified Safety Series,” said Brad Mattarocci, General Manager of Baby Trend. “The mattress is 100% breathable to ensure a safe sleeping environment for infants and toddlers while helping to address real concerns many parents have about sleep safety.” 
Engineered with high-tech mesh fabric stretched tightly on a sturdy frame, and featuring open-air sides, the Respiro Crib Mattress is completely breathable and guarantees 100% ventilation. There is no foam or stuffing used in the mattress, eliminating the need for toxic or carcinogenic flame-retardants. The innovative two-stage design provides a firm surface for newborns and a softer side for toddlers, with mesh panels that can be easily removed for machine-washing. Each mattress includes a laundry bag, splash mat and storage tote. 


Sleeptrainer – The Wunders Company    

Sleep deprivation is a top concern for most parents which inspired me to develop a solution for the entire family to get some well-needed shut eye. Toddlers and young children are notorious for waking up in the middle of the night and for being early risers. To solve this problem, I created Momo the Monkey sleep trainer and Olly the Owl sleep trainer in 2008, globally distributed by the Wunders Company,. These sleep trainers are a much-needed sleep aid, aiming to intuitively teach child when it’s time to get out of bed. I really wanted to develop a product that is a need for this generation of busy moms and dads that also stimulates interaction between parent and child.” 
According to recent reports, chronic sleep deprivation has negative effects on everything from children's ability to learn to their behavior. There are several things parents can do to teach their children to sleep longer or to stay in bed and get the rest they need. The Wunders Sleeptrainer aids children with such sleeping problems by showing in an intuitive way when they are allowed to get out of bed or still need to catch some sleep. The Sleeptrainer features an adorable monkey or cute owl which tell the child by opening & closing of the eyes, when it is time to get up: Eyes closed – "You should be sleeping", Eyes open –“Rise and Shine”. It also displays a digital as well as an analogue clock to teach children how to read time both ways. Another special feature is waking up with the optional cool jungle or bird sounds, instead of the regular 'frightening' alarm bells. The volume of the alarm can be switched off completely, either for the younger children who do not necessarily have to get up or to allow a late sleep-in on the weekend, but still preventing an early rise. To date, more than half a million of these sleep trainers have been sold. 
“There is nothing I love more than being a dad. From the time my wife was pregnant, I wanted to be involved in the care, nourishment and upbringing of our baby. Being a parent is both rewarding and hard. As a dad, I’m constantly concerned for my child – if she’s safe, if I’m providing well enough for her,  if I’m giving her enough room to grow and explore. Yet I have loved and continue to love every minute of this journey as a father, seeing my daughter grow and seek nourishment, love and guidance. While continuing to evolve as a parent is no easy feat, the reward for me lies in the opportunity to help my daughter lead a healthy, happy life. Being a parent can be a crazy rollercoaster ride – one with crazy twists and turns that sometimes make me queasy – but I wouldn’t give it up for the world.”  
Hans Pompen