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At The Wunders Company, we recognize the need for a wide range of products, across categories and across ages, specifically developed to enhance a child’s good sleep. Therefore, we have created Wunders with the ambition to become the global sleep leader by offering innovative products, which enhance the bedtime ritual and comfort sleepers during the night. Because the most important part in your baby’s development is healthy and safe sleep. And when your baby sleeps, so can you!





The Wunders Aroma Diffuser is the perfect and safe solution for parents who want to tap the benefits of essential oils for their baby in an effective way. It brings the aromas of the Wunders oils as close to the baby as possible while avoiding any possible contact.

Wunders Oils, Sleepy Time and Breathe Easy are specially formulated for babies by a Napa Valley Laboratory using certified organic oils from France and Australia. Place 5-7 drops of the Wunders Oils on a reusable pad in the proprietary secured tray, and our baby aroma diffuser provides decongesting and calming relief for infants, newborns and toddlers.





All Wunders products are original Dutch Design. By carefully handpicking select materials, maintaining strict production and quality control methods, we stand proudly behind the safety, quality and appeal of our products. We truly hope our Wunders products bring you and your loved-one peaceful nights and happy days.