08 - LEARN MORE - Sleeptrainer

Toddlers and young children are notorious for waking up in the middle of the night and for being early risers. The parents themselves are getting exhausted but moreover they are worried that their little ones are not getting enough shuteye. Our Sleep trainer aids children with such sleeping problems by showing in an intuitive way when they are allowed to get out of bed or still need to catch some sleep.

How does it work: At bedtime, tell your child that Ollie is closing her eyes to go to sleep with them. Push the “Night Light Button” for 5 seconds until Ollie’s eyes close. Then explain that only when Ollie opens his eyes it is ok to get up out of bed. At the wake-up time set by you, Ollie’s eyes will open and the optional peaceful jungle alarm sound will play: Eyes closed – “You should be sleeping”, Eyes open – “Rise and Shine”. Our Sleep Trainer also displays a digital as well as an analogue clock to teach children how to read time both ways. The volume of the alarm can be switched off completely, either for the younger children who do not necessarily have to get up or to allow a late sleep-in on the weekend, but still preventing an early rise.