Wunders 100% Certified Organic Oils

"As a young father I experienced the frustration of not being able to soothe my daughter when she came down with a cold at just two weeks old. The Wunders Aroma Diffuser is the perfect solution for parents who want to tap the benefits of essential oils for their children in a safe and effective way."

Wunders Organic Essential Oils Address Congestion and Promote Calmness 
The Wunders Aroma Diffuser applies the long-proven benefits of essential oils to address common ailments like congestion and colic. For the essential oil to be effective, it is crucial that the soothing natural vapors flow safely and directly towards your baby, while avoiding any contact. That way, our specially-formulated essential oils can effectively be inhaled by your loved-one. Wunders oils, Breathe Easy and Sleepy Time are 100% certified organic by USDA. Our diffuser is waterless and incorporates a proprietary fan propellor to diffuse the comforting vapors of the oils directly towards your baby. We have designed a secure mechanism on which you place our essential oils keeping it out of baby’s reach. To apply the oils, simply remove the tray and place 5-7 drops of our specially-formulated oils onto the special pads provided with the diffuser.


Breathe Easy 
Eucalyptus has a long tradition of uses in medicine and is known to be an excellent decongestant. Eucalyptus is used as a remedy for colds, stuffiness, sore throats, breathing difficulties, congestion relief, infections and pain. Wunders Breathe Easy essential oil is a unique blend with Narrow Leaf Eucalyptus from Australia. It is specially developed for babies and is safe for use inside the Wunders baby aroma diffuser. It will provide many nights of comfort through the natural decongesting scents. 

CAUTION: Other commercially available Eucalyptus is often Eucalyptus Globulus. While Eucalyptus Globulus is safe for adults, it should not be used on children under the age of 2 years.


Sleepy Time 
Lavender (Lavendin Grosso) is known as a calming and relaxing herb. Studies have shown that the scent of lavender increases the time your baby spends in deep (slow wave) sleep, therefore providing natural calming comfort. Wunders Sleepy Time essential oil is specially developed for babies by a lab in Napa Valley, California, and is safe for use inside the Wunders baby aroma diffuser. Our organic lavender is of the purest quality and aroma and most suitable for babies. 
IMPORTANT: It is crucial to note that the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians does not recommend using essential oils at all on babies younger than 3 months. Direct contact with skin should be avoided at all times as a baby's skin is too sensitive for essential oils.