Baby Aroma Diffuser With Mobile Arm

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  • Provides natural relief for restless and congested babies;
  • Comes with essential oils Breathe Easy and Sleepy Time are 100% USDA-certified organic and safe for babies;
  • Specially formulated for babies by a lab in Napa Valley, California;
  • Breathe Easy essential oil is formulated with Narrow Leaf Eucalyptus from Australia;
  • Sleepy Time essential oil is formulated with Lavender from France;
  • Helps your baby sleep, stay in deep sleep longer, calm anxiety, relieve congestion, and even relieve symptoms of colic;
  • Includes robust mobile arm to securely place diffuser above the crib;
  • Includes two fan-speed setting: Press Once for max air, press again for low air; When on max air, the aroma diffuser produce white noise to block out surrounding noises;
  • Battery-operated (rechargeable battery and USB-charging cable included);
  • Light is 'ON' when aroma diffuser is in operation. Auto shut-off after 30 minutes. Light turns 'RED' when battery needs to be recharged. A full charge will last approximately 10 sessions or more. A full recharge only requires 3 hours. Light blinks during charging;
  • Can also be used by children and adults on a night table, shelf or desk.